The Recipes of St. Margaret Mary’s Church

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Over 85 recipes of the St. Margaret Mary’s church have been contributed by church members to share it with the congregation and friends. They been compiled in a book with colour pictures of each recipe. The recipes are crouped into the following classes:

*  Appetizers      *Meat

* Breakfast         *Fish

*Poultry              *Vegetarian and Pasta

*Salads               *Dips and Spread


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¨Food glorious food¨, remember this song from the broadway musical of “Oliver”.  Most of us love food, who doesn’t? And yes, there are times when we dream of a certain food to be tried or experimented with, so what do we do? We search the internet for a special dish.  Well, you have come to the right place.  This book offers recipes from appetizers to desserts and they all are mouth watering.  I sure enjoyed going through all these wonderful recipes and I hope you will. 

As the French say “Bon appetit!”.   by Jocelyne Drouin-Delowsky